These accessories are making your life as a traveler easier, and more fun! We’re using these accessories a lot while we’re traveling.

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes (check the latest price on Amazon)

A lot of people say that we’re a bit chaotic, but actually, we love to be organized! We feel chaotic when our stuff is a mess, and because we’re on the road a lot of the time, we found it handy that our clothes are nicely organized in our travel bag as well.

There’s nothing more irritating than clothes that are all over the place in your backpack or suitcase, right?

With these packing cubes, you don’t have that problem anymore. You can find the cubes in different sizes so that you can use them for different clothes. We use them in different colors as well. And that’s handy for us because we use only one travel bag for the two of us. So we both have our own colors πŸ˜‰

La Siesta lightweight hammock (check the latest price on Amazon)

This hammock is the perfect travel hammock. It’s lightweight, made of parachute silk. Easy to handle and when you’re not using it, you roll it up to a small package which fits in your backpack.

In the double hammock, you can relax with 2 persons, which we do a lot! This hammock is a must-have accessory for every traveler. We bring it always with us. You never know when it’s hammock time! πŸ˜‰

Lamzac Fatboy The Original (check the latest price on Amazon)

The Lamzac is our hammock alternative. But sometimes we use both. We use it for beach days and at places where we can’t hang our hammock. You fill the Lamzac with air, wrap it up, close it, and you have a lounge seat. It is very straightforward to use, and when there’s almost no wind, you need to run a bit while filling it up. That will do the trick.

We have two different ones, a cheaper one, which is also nice, but not as good quality as the original Lamzac from Fatboy. The cheaper one loses air quickly, so we need to inflate it almost every hour. While with using the Lamzac we can lounge for several hours before filling it up again.

We recommend buying an original Lamzac from Fatboy (link to Amazon), which is better quality.

Waboba Waterball (check the latest price on Amazon)

Are you ready to have extra fun in the water? Swimming in the sea or a pool is great, and sometimes you want to hang around and play for a while, right? If you like to have fun as we do, you must try this bouncing water ball.

Hanging Toiletry bag (check the latest price on Amazon)

This easy to use toiletry bag is something we like very much. It fits everything we need to use, and we can hang it everywhere, without getting it wet and dirty.

Polaroid Instax Camera (check the latest price on Amazon)

We all use our smartphones and different cameras to capture the best moments in our life. We like to go a bit old school in a new way, using the polaroid Instax gives a maximum in pictures we can take. So we’re only using it on special moments, which we don’t want to forget.

We use the camera on different occasions. For example when friends or family come over to travel with us, when we meet new people or cultures and stay with them for a while, we often make polaroid picture as a memory. It is one of our favorite accessories!

We use a few different electronic devices as well. We never leave with a Powerbank and a Bluetooth speaker (links to Amazon). Check the camera & electronics page for more recommendations.