What is Naples Famous For?

Naples, Italy is a vibrant city, packed with magnificent artistic and historical treasures. Are you planning a trip to Naples? Make sure you will have a few days to explore the soul of Italy!

What is Naples Italy Famous For? It’s the city where modern Pizza was originated! Thank you, Naples! But that’s not all. A lot of Unesco World Heritage sites like, Pompeii and Herculaneum are close by the city. And, The coast of Naples is one of the most mesmerizing in Italy with beautiful sites such as Nisida and Posillipo. 

“Rome is the Heart of Italy, but Naples is the Soul”

Naples is the third largest city in Italy, after Rome and Milan. The Greeks already inhabited the area around Naples in the second millennium BC, which makes Naples and her surroundings one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world.

Today Naples is a modern city with a lot of attention to their history, a vibrant city center, and nightlife. Naples is known for its excellent Italian cuisine and has the most restaurants rewarded with a Michelin Star in Italy.

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What to See in Naples

With so many historical sites in and around the city, it will take you a few days to visit everything. But we recommend taking your time because it’s impressive to learn more about the history of the world!

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli is one of the most famous and exciting museums in Italy. This museum would be a great place to start your tour around the city.

Covering the complete history of the City, both Roman, and Greek, it is not surprising that Roman and Greek collections here are some of the most elaborate in the world.

The Farnese Collection is displaying some of the most stunning ancient sculptures you would have ever seen. However, the main attractions are the artifacts preserved from the ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

The objects in the secret cabinet are the most infamous of them all. You might wonder why it is called a secret cabinet. It is because it contains all the erotic works of art!

You should not miss out on some of the gorgeous religious churches located in the city. From the startlingly realistic veiled statues at Capella Sansevero to the Gesù Nuovo’s beautiful gilt and blue ceiling, all have something unique to offer, and most of them have free admission.

One of the most famous churches is the Basilica of Santa Chiara. Along with the final resting places of queens, kings, there lies the grave of Carabinieri (police officer), Salvo D’Acquisto who sacrificed himself to save the life of 22 citizens during the World War II. He is rightfully considered an Italian national hero with a genuinely touching story.

Beneath the Surface of Naples

For the adventurous tourists who are up for unusual experiences, the city of Naples offers a tour underneath the city as well.

Located just off Piazza San Gaetano, Napoli Sotterranea will introduce you to another world forty feet below the surface of Naples, Italy. With it’s majestic feels it is hard to believe that you are taking a tour underground.

Apart from the Greek quarries which date back to the formation of the city, you can see the shelters used during the wartime along with the goods left behind. Made possible by a University experiment, you can also see plants growing underground.

The most exciting part, however, is walking through the tiny, claustrophobic paths of the ancient cisterns, with only a candle to guide you through the astonishing aqueduct through which water still runs. The combination of illuminated clear water and cave-like corridors makes this a perfectly enchanting adventure.

A bonus tip! Feel free to visit these sites using the Metro as some of the stations, like Toledo, are real work of art!

Sites around Naples Italy

Herculaneum and Pompeii

Your trip to Naples, Italy, would be incomplete without visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum, its sister site. You can reach the historical sites easily by hopping on a train which heads to Sorrento from either Porta Nolana or Central station.

Pompeii is more famous and bigger but more crowded. On the other hand, Herculaneum is smaller in size but better preserved and quieter. Both of these sites are a must see, and you will be walking in the sandalled footsteps of ancient Romans.

You will also be able to see the ruts where the oxen pulled the carts. It is a great experience to be able to take in both sites while feeling like a time traveler as you do it.

Capri, a must visit

Not into history and want a little bling? Then head to the Molo Beverollo port and get a boat to Capri. Apart from pants being named after it, this tiny island is famous for another reason. Capri is a place of vast natural beauty. You will be mesmerized by the azure sea that surrounds the island and the Blue Grotto, which is the island’s most famous sight.

By just choosing a street and walking around the island, a lot can be appreciated. Specifically, lovely walks could be taken by choosing the signposted Faraglioni rocks. Here you can view the stunning villas offering a beautiful sea view, with a tiny bit of undeniable jealousy.

To enjoy man-made beauty at the next level, visit the rows of shops on Via Camerelle. It is Capri’s most glamorous road lined up with designer brands.

Amalfi Coast

If traveling a little further falls in your “let’s go!” list, then travel to Sorrento and move on to Amalfi Coast. Stretching from top of the hill, the glittering towns of Ravello, Positano, and Amalfi combine glamorous beaches, stunning views, and history making it a perfect tourist destination.

Visit the Amalfi’s Duomo di Sant’Andrea for relics and religious artifacts. While walking through the interlinked streets of Positano, do not forget to grab a granita. A popular recommendation is the Villa Rufulo in Ravello. For a minimal entry fee, you could go in the gardens and witness the most panoramic views located here for an exclusive experience. It’s definitely worth a day trip from Naples.

What to eat in Naples?

No vacation is complete without the food, especially the authentic food of the destination. If you are a big foodie, then Naples is the perfect place for you. In this city, you’ll find the most restaurants rewarded with a Michelin Star.

Must try local delicacies

Naples, Italy will be a delightful place for people who prefer seafood and pasta. The seafood served in restaurants here are plentiful, excellent and cheap, thanks to the city’s proximity to the bay location.

One of the specialties is the Spaghetti alle vongole, which is a combination of clams and pasta, and deep seafood lovers could also try the Purpetiello Affogato, which simply means poached octopus.

Naples is also famous for sweet dishes and desserts, and the local’s favorite is the sfogliatelle. Filled with orange flavored ricotta and rolled into layers, coming to Naples and not having these for breakfast with an espresso coffee is truly a miss-out!

Naples and Pizza, a love like none

If you have heard about Naples, Italy, you have heard about the star dish which is actually as good as the reviews suggest!

Pizza, which was originated in Naples, can without a doubt be called the best in the world. The classic Margherita pizza is the archetypal Neapolitan pizza and was created to honor the visit of Queen Margherita to the city. White mozzarella cheese, the red tomato sauce, and the green herbs together even form the Italian flag. Where else will you find the best pizza?

Best Pizza Place in Naples

While there many best voted outlets for Pizza in Naples, the best one for sure is L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele. It was founded by Michele Condurro in 1870 and is located near the central train station. It’s in their blood to make great pizza. Staying true to the tradition, only Margherita or marinara pizzas are offered on the menu.

This pizza will ruin all other pizzas for you as you will fail to find the same elsewhere. With the freshest of the ingredients, the pizza melts in your mouth. Additionally, all of this cheesy goodness is offered at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Best places to stay in Naples

Looking for places to stay during your city trip to Naples? We got you covered. We lined up a few different ways to spend your nights in Naples. Depending on what you’re looking for, this city has a lot to offer!

City Center for a Classic Stay

The Historical Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a fantastic and enjoyable stay in Italy. The city center offers a spectacular view of the city’s historical treasures along with multiple hotels available according to your needs.

Want a Volcano-view room? We got you!

Saw that large volcano looming over the southern side of the city? Do you wish you could wake up in the morning to that view?

Check out the hotels in San Fernando or Chiaia districts. These are highly recommended for great views of the sea. Along with accessibility to Lungomare, which is a trail closed for vehicles and offers amazing views of the bay.

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Naples City Guide

When and How to Visit Naples

The best time to visit Naples is during the fall or spring since the weather is mild. During the summer period, it can get quite warm in Naples. The weather in Naples is more temperate than other cities in the middle of Italy because of its geographical location near the coast.

Being the central transportation hub in southern Italy, Naples has several major train lines. The bus and train stations are located in Piazza Garibaldi in the eastern part of the city. Naples also has Aeroporto Capodichino, an airport connecting flights to other parts of Italy and Europe. You could take a bus directly from the airport to the city, which takes around 15 minutes.

Ferries connect Naples to the islands of Ischia, Sardina, Capri, and Procida. The city offers numerous fast and efficient modes of transportation, making touring fun and easy!

With the large network of public transport, it’s easy to get around Naples. However, the most prominent tourist attractions in the city are at walking distance from each other, which makes it easy to explore the Center of Naples.

When you’re planning to explore the surroundings of Naples and don’t want to use public transport, it’s easy to rent a car in the city or at the airport.

The friendliness and helpful nature of the Neapolitans will astound you. The stunning views of Naples Italy will blow your mind away. The ample amount of history that the place offers will give a boost to your general knowledge.

Naples has the most delicious food to fill your hungry stomach after a tiring day of exploration. We assure you, by the time you leave, “I love Naples” is all you will have to say!

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How do I get from Naples to Rome? It’s easy to catch a train from Naples to Rome or Rome to Naples. The train ride takes a little more than one hour. So you can take easily do this a day trip. You can also rent a car and drive yourself around.

Is it safe to stay in Naples, Italy? Naples is a safe city, but as in every big city, you must be aware of a small crime, like pickpockets. When you just pay attention generally you’ll be safe and having a great time.


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