Is It Worth Having A Seasonal Pitch? Pros & Cons Guide

One of the best things about traveling with a camper or caravan is being able to park your home wherever you please. Maybe today you’re enjoying the beautiful beaches, and tomorrow you’ll explore the great mountains. But not everyone wants the hassle of packing up and moving each time. That’s where seasonal pitches come in. So, is it really worth having a seasonal pitch? 

Having a seasonal pitch is worth it if you want a comfortable holiday base to visit often, love a certain area, like familiarity, and spend time with the same neighbors. And dislike towing a caravan a lot and the hassle of moving and packing. Also, a seasonal pitch saves money on fuel and high season rates for pitches.

If you decide on a seasonal pitch this year, there are a few factors that you should consider. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about having a seasonal pitch for your caravan so that you can make an informed decision.

We are experts when it comes to seasonal pitches because we live in our caravan on a seasonal pitch for a good amount of the year. We’ll also provide you with a few tips on how to make the most out of your seasonal pitch and answer your most burning questions. So, let’s get started! 

8 Reasons Why Having A Seasonal Pitch Is Worth It

We could give you many reasons why having a seasonal pitch for your caravan is worth it, but here are 5 of the most important: 

1) Familiarity

If you’re staying at the same seasonal pitch for weeks or months at a time, you’ll get to know the area like the back of your hand. You’ll get to visit all the best attractions and restaurants and learn where all the great things are tucked away, whether it’s the mom-and-pop diner serving up the best food in town or the hidden lake perfect for a peaceful afternoon of fishing. You’ll know all the best spots.

And if you like this kind of familiarity, then a seasonal pitch is perfect. We loved the same seasonal pitch two years in a row and really got to know the area and the people. Even though we got to know the place very well, there were still surprises and hidden gems to explore.

2) Comfort

When you have a seasonal pitch, you can feel like you have a real home away from home. You’ll be able to settle in, enjoy the comfort of your own caravan, and make your pitch as cozy and homely as you like. It’s all the best things about caravanning, combined with the perks of having a permanent home!

We love the fact that we can arrive and instantly can relax and enjoy ourselves. Everything you need is there already.

3) Saves Money On Fuel

Towing a caravan is not really cost-effective when it comes to fuel. With a seasonal pitch, you only have to tow the caravan at the beginning and end of the season. Some campsites even offer winter storage, so you don’t even have to tow your caravan anymore.

Also, once your caravan is parked, you can use a smaller car to go back and forth, which is also cheaper on fuel.

4) Saves Money On High Rates During Peak Season

Campsites offer seasonal pitch prices that are a lot cheaper than when you arrive during peak season for a couple of days or weeks. With seasonal pitch prices, all your holidays become much more affordable, and you go as often as you want.

Also, have you heard about renting out your caravan while you’re away? If so, then having a seasonal pitch could be just what you need. During those months when you’re not traveling, you can rent out your caravan and make a bit of money – more than enough to cover the cost of your pitch. But you should check with the campsite if it’s allowed.

Fun Fact: On average, renting out a caravan can earn you around $485 for every week it’s rented out!

5) Sense of Community

Often there is a designated area for seasonal pitches on campsites. This means your neighbors also stay for the entire season, making getting to know them easier.

Many seasonal caravan pitches are located in communities with other caravan owners. This means that you have a chance to get to know your neighbors and make some new friends. You can join in on any community activities or events – like potluck dinners or evening campfires!

We love seeing our campsite neighbors every week or a couple of weeks or so. And because it is so easy to have a chat in the morning, share a coffee, or have a drink in the afternoon sun, you get to know each other much faster than you would normally do at home.

6) Relaxation

Ultimately, having a seasonal pitch for your caravan is about relaxation. You can spend as much or as little time there as you want – it’s up to you. And when you’re settled in, there is no rush to leave, no packing, and no stress – just a peaceful environment that allows you to enjoy your caravanning experience to the fullest. 

7) Permanent Holiday Spot

With a seasonal pitch, you don’t need to worry about booking your next holiday destination. For many people booking a holiday is a stressful activity. When you have a seasonal pitch, you have a permanent holiday spot where you can go whenever you feel like it and also invite others to join you.

8) Less Towing

During peak season or rush hour, towing a caravan can be stressful. If you don’t like towing a caravan, then having a seasonal pitch is perfect for you.

We don’t even own a towing car to tow our caravan. My father-in-law tows our caravan to our seasonal pitches twice a year. We don’t even have the license to do it, but we knew that before we bought our caravan, my father-in-law was the one towing it.

So if you know that you only will use seasonal pitches, know that you can always ask someone else to tow the caravan for you when you don’t like it or aren’t able to.

Cons Of Having A Seasonal Pitch

As you can see, having a seasonal pitch for your caravan can be extremely beneficial. From knowing the best attractions and restaurants in the area, saving money, and being part of a campsite community, you’ll experience the best of caravanning all season long. But there are also some cons to having a seasonal pitch.

Less Variety

The most obvious one is, of course, having less variety. The fun of having a caravan is that you can park your home anywhere you like, from the beaches and mountains to other beautiful areas. You will do much less exploring the country and more so exploring the local area when having a seasonal pitch.

If you love to explore different landscapes, then having a seasonal pitch can be a bit boring for you. But you can always book a seasonal pitch for the spring and summer months and leave at the end of summer to travel and seek more variety. This way, you can have the best of both worlds.

Designated Area

Most campsites have a designated area for their seasonal pitches, which is fun because all your neighbors are there all season long. But often these areas are not the best spots on the campsite. They leave the best spots to rent out to travelers during peak season so that they can earn the most money.

it also depends on the campsite. Some campsites really love their returning seasonal customers and treat them in a nice area, while other campsites hide their seasonal customers in a more ugly part of the campsite.

Empty Caravans

We live full-time in our caravan during the spring, summer, and fall months, while other seasonal caravanners only visit during weekends or holidays. This means most caravans are empty during the week, while all the other pitches are empty too. We often have experienced that we were the only ones at the campsite apart from the campsite employees.

Same Neighbors

It can be fun to get to know your neighbors who also have a seasonal pitch, but if you can’t get along for some reason. It will be more of a challenge to be neighbors for an entire season. But that can happen anywhere, also at home. Only at a campsite do you live more outside and run into each other much more often. Unless those neighbors only visit their seasonal pitch a couple of times a year.


With your caravan plus awning out and about in all types of weather for 8-9 months per year, you can expect more maintenance to prevent or repair damages. Also, you need to prepare your caravan and awning for any storms and other extreme weather that can appear when you are not around.

Often your neighbors will keep an eye on your caravan when you’re not there, but you can’t expect that they will make your awning stormproof in case of a weather emergency. They will be busy with theirs.

When you leave, you need to put your windows open enough for enough ventilation to prevent molt. And keeping your caravan and awning clean can prevent much trouble in the long run.

Also, doing regular check-ups to see if everything is working properly is important when you have your caravan on a seasonal pitch. Perhaps visiting a caravan garage once a year for a check-up is a good idea.

How Long Is A Seasonal Pitch On A Caravan Site?

When you’re considering getting a seasonal pitch, you might wonder, how long is a seasonal pitch on a caravan site?

On average, most caravan sites offer seasonal pitches during the spring, summer, and fall for 6-9 months. Many campsites are closed during winter for tourists and seasonal pitch holders but can offer caravan storage. Some campsites are open for tourists and seasonal pitches all year round.

This means each caravan site will have a specific limit on how long you can stay as a seasonal pitch, and the amount of time will vary depending on the site. And let’s take a look at the reasons why sites limit how long you can stay.

1) Availability

Caravan sites need to make sure that they always have enough space for regular campers and visitors. Having a seasonal pitch can limit the number of spaces available. That is why campsites can make the decision to limit the time how long someone can stay in order to make sure everyone gets a chance at the site. 

2) Maintenance

Sites also want to give their pitches a chance to rest and recover during the offseason. This is especially important for sites with grassy areas, as resting these lawns can help keep them healthy and green throughout the year. 

3) Cost-cutting

Whether or not caravan sites are open 24/7, site owners still need to pay for maintenance and upkeep. During the slow season, when there are fewer visitors, keeping the site closed is much more economical than keeping it open. 

4) Legal Requirements

Some sites could be subject to certain laws or regulations limiting how long people can stay there. It is up to the caravan site owners to ensure that they follow these rules, so in some cases, having a year-long pitch might not be possible. 

5) Weather

In some areas, the weather during certain months is so extreme that it is impossible to camp. And that is why campsites choose to close their doors during these months. In some areas, this can mean that a campsite can only be open for six months per year. In other areas, it is possible to be open year-round.

For example, we move our caravan from The Netherlands to Portugal during the winter months because campsites are open all year round in the south of Portugal. This way, we can enjoy the sun in our home country during spring-summer and also during winter. This can be a great option for you. Move your caravan twice a year to enjoy great weather all year round.

Campsites Open All Year In USA & UK

There are quite a few campsites which are open all year long. Take a look at the table below to check out some of the most popular ones. 

US RV/ Caravan Sites Open All YearUK RV/ Caravan Sites Open All Year
Hidden Valley RV Park, TexasPoolsbrook Country Park, Chesterfield
Silver City KOA, New MexicoChatsworth Park, Bakewell
Olympic Peninsula, WashingtonBrighton, Sussex
Wanderlust RV Park, ArkansasTredegar House Country Park, Newport
Zion River Resort, UtahCrystal Palace Park, London
Pine Lake Campground, GeorgiaTroutbeck Head Club Campsite, Penrith

While a lot of sites have a limit on how long you can stay in a seasonal pitch, there are still plenty of great options available. A little bit of digging around will help you find the perfect one for your needs!

Fun Fact: Pirateland Family Camping Resort at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is the largest RV campground in the U.S., with over 2100 sites! In Europe, the largest caravan site is Trecco Bay near Porthcawl in South Wales, with over 2000 plots serving over 50,000 people!

How Do Seasonal Caravan Pitches Work?

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect caravan site for a seasonal pitch – what happens next? Do you turn up, move in, and enjoy the benefits? That is why you might wonder, how do seasonal caravan pitches work?

Seasonal pitches work this way: book a seasonal pitch at a campsite, pay the fee (including tourist tax) and pitch your caravan once the campsite is open. Sometimes you’ll need to sign a contract detailing the terms of your stay. And you may need to pay a security deposit or provide proof of insurance.

It’s pretty straightforward. Keep in mind that just because you’ve paid for the pitch doesn’t mean you have to stay there all the time – you can keep your caravan parked up and come and go as you, please. This flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of having a seasonal pitch. 

At the end of the season, you’ll need to vacate the pitch and check out of the caravan site. If you’ve decided to stay on for another season, you’ll need to renew your contract and pay another round of fees.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking Seasonal Pitch

Each campsite has its own rules and terms. It is important to know what services are provided and what is not. For example, is electricity included in the price? how much wattage or ampere is available at pitch? are visitors allowed to stay while you’re absent? Where to park your car? How is security? These are all important questions to ask before you officially book a seasonal pitch.

Sometimes campsites offer great seasonal pitch rates but have high rates when it comes to electricity. Or you need more ampere or wattage at your pitch which isn’t available.

What Is The Cost Of A Seasonal Pitch?

Let’s get down to what a seasonal pitch actually costs.

On average, the cost of a seasonal pitch can range between $2,835 and $4,195 in the USA. In the UK, the range is approximately $2,500-$3,000 for a period of 6 months. 

This is a good starting point for what you can expect to pay for a seasonal pitch. It differs per region and campsites. And you can expect more differences per campsite for what is and is not included in the price when it comes to electricity, water, visitors, etc. So let’s see what other people have to say.

Our Experience

In the north of the Netherlands, we’ve had a seasonal pitch for around €1500 per year (1st of April until 31st of October), including electricity. Now, this is very cheap and an exception. Since this year, they’ve raised their prices and excluded electricity. When you go to the center of the Netherlands or more popular areas, you can expect to pay €2000-€3000 per season, excluding electricity.

Let’s share another person’s perspective on the actual costs of a seasonal pitch.

Can You Live On A Seasonal Pitch?

When you like to stay in your caravan at a seasonal pitch, you might wonder, can you live on a seasonal pitch?

You cannot permanently live on a seasonal pitch. Your contract will have a clause that outlines the duration of your stay – so if you’re planning to stay permanently, look into permanent caravan pitching sites. Seasonal pitches are meant for short-term stays, where you can camp for a few weeks or months at a time. 

This is maybe not the answer you were looking for, but this is the most official answer. Living on a seasonal pitch is a very grey area, and the possibilities differ per situation and campsite.

Let’s first determine the two differences. Oftentimes, seasonal pitches are used as two kinds of residences: primary and secondary.

  • Primary residence: A primary residence is a place you call home most of the year, and you don’t travel around much. In this case, people who’ve pitched their caravans on seasonal sites will often stay there throughout the entire season. All amenities like electricity and water will be provided for comfortable living.
  • Secondary residence: A secondary residence is a place you use from time to time when you’re on vacation or just passing through. In this case, people might pitch their caravan on a seasonal site for a few weeks or months. And then stay there on and off throughout the year. This is especially popular among retirees or those who are looking to spend a couple of nights or weekends away from their permanent residence. 

Whether you’re looking for a primary or secondary residence, seasonal pitches offer great value. Not only are they cheaper than staying in a hotel, but you get to enjoy the freedom and privacy that comes with owning your own home. 

How To Live In Your Caravan On A Seasonal Pitch

While some campsites only allow staying in your caravan 28 days in a row (see video below), even if you have a seasonal pitch. There are other campsites that are not so strict and don’t mind how many days a year you stay in your caravan.

You can’t register the campsite as your home address, but you can use your caravan as your home all days of the season while the campsite is open. And have your official home address somewhere else.

For many people who want to cut down their expenses and live more with nature, this is a very cost-effective way to live and explore the great outdoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about seasonal pitches.

Q.1. What Is A Seasonal Caravan Site?

A seasonal caravan site (also known as a semi-permanent pitching) is a camping spot where you can park your caravan for an extended period of time – a couple of months. Your caravan will be registered and given its own designated spot on the site, and you’ll be able to stay there for as long as your pitch is valid. 

Q.2. Can I Use My Caravan On A Seasonal Pitch During The Off-Season?

You can use your caravan on a seasonal pitch during the off-season. However, you may need to pay additional fees or get special permission from the caravan park owner. There might also be certain campsites that have strict rules about using the pitch during certain months of the year. 

Q.3. What Should I Consider Before Deciding To Get A Seasonal Pitch For My Caravan?

You should consider a few things before deciding to get a seasonal pitch for your caravan:
– check the local laws and regulations regarding caravanning.
– the cost of the pitch and services included in the price. 
– the size and amenities of the pitch.
– duration of your stay on the seasonal pitch.
– campsite’s rules.

Q.4. Can I Sell My Caravan If It Is On A Seasonal Pitch?

You can sell your caravan, but you can’t sell your caravan with the seasonal pitch because the pitch is tight to a person. The new owner has to sign a contract for the pitch personally. If you sell your caravan, you’ll be asked to remove your caravan from the campsite so the pitch can be re-let to the new owner. Rules might vary depending on the campsite, so make sure to check the terms of your contract. 

Final Thoughts

A seasonal pitch is a great way to save money and enjoy the freedom of camping. Thousands of people across the country enjoy staying in their caravans on seasonal pitches during the summer months, taking in the beauty of nature and the great outdoors. If you love to explore and want an affordable way to do it, a seasonal pitch is definitely worth considering. We love it, so we can highly recommend it!

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