Does Genoa Have a Beach?


If your planning a trip to Genoa, you probably wonder does it have a beach? And which beaches are the best to go to. We did some research to help you out.

So, Does Genoa Have a Beach? With over 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) of coastline along with the city of Genoa, there are a lot different beaches in Genoa. All of them in a short distance of the city center. The most famous beach in Genoa is Boccadasse. Which you’ll find in a small fishermans village next to the city center.  

Genoa is a charming city with a rich history. It was the birthplace of Christopher Colombus, and played a big role in maritime trade for many centuries.  Let’s find out what this Italian city has to offer and where you can find the best beaches in Genoa.

Best Beaches in Genoa

Genoa is the capital city of the Ligurian region. The northwest region often referred to as the Italian Riviera. Along this coastline, you will find beautiful villages as Portofino and the Cinque Terre region.  The coastline along the city of Genoa stretches out over more than 18 miles. Offering beaches and cliffs from where you can dive in the sea for a swim, enjoy the beautiful views or go snorkeling in the blue waters.

We lined up a list of beaches in or nearby the city center.

Vernazzola Beach

Vernazzola is maybe the biggest public beach near the center of Genoa. It’s very easy to reach and because the beach is in a bay most of the time the sea is suitable for a swim. The sea can still be rough though depending on the currents, so make sure to follow up the local guidelines about swimming.

Vernazzola is one of the two big beaches in the Boccadasse neighborhood. An area in Genoa which refers to itself as the best area to stay while in Genoa. One thing is sure; it is a great place for an awesome beach day!

Boccadasse Beach

The other beach in Boccadasse district. Named after the area. Boccadasse Beach is a bit smaller then Vernazzola, but there’s more to do here. You’ll find many more restaurants because it is closer to the center.

Boccadasse is a pebbly beach, almost every beach in Genoa is a pebbly beach, but you can easily buy cheap water shoes at one of the many shops. When the sea is not too rough, this is an excellent place to swimming and snorkeling.

Giardini Gilberto Govi 

A city park close to the city center of Genoa. You can easily walk around the park before you walk to the beach. There’s a big pebbly beach where you can enjoy a refreshing dive. You’ll find several restaurants in the park, and there’s an amusement park nearby. We would say this is not the best beach to go in Genoa, but when you want to stay in the center and looking for a refreshing dive in the sea, it is the most accessible place to go.

Squash Club Genova

It is something you might not expect, but this is actually a great place to go. Squash Club Genova offers a private beach where you can swim in the sea, but also many different sports activities outside and inside like, you never would guess it, Squash.

When the sea is too rough to swim in, you can also enjoy a big swimming pool next to the terrace.

Bagni Italia Genova

First, you think this is a restaurant where you can buy great pizza’s! And yes it is, but Bagni Italia Genova offers way more than their famous pizza’s. The place is almost next door the Squash Club, but here you’ll find a bit more amenities. You can relax at a pebbly beach, swim in the sea or go snorkeling in the blue water. But its also possible to enjoy different sports activities like football and tennis, a swimming pool, and a jacuzzi! Great place for some relaxing.

Bagni Europa Snc

Bagni Europa is a public beach where you can go and hang out. There are not many amenities here. You can just drop your towel or beach chair on a free spot and start enjoying a relaxing beach day.

The sea can be rough in this place, so be careful when you go swimming. When you think the sea is too rough, don’t go in, maybe it’s better to find a swimming pool at one of the bars mentioned above.

Spiaggia Pubblica

Another public beach, in the bay next to Bagni. This beach tends to be a bit busier because there are many bars and restaurants around. You can rent umbrellas and seats at one of the restaurants or find a spot yourself.
Depending on the currents and weather, the sea can be very rough as well. So pay attention before swimming!

Beaches around Genoa

The beaches near the city center of Genoa are great for a day relaxing at sea, but they’re not the most beautiful beaches you’ll find in Italy. Genoa is the capital of the Ligurian Region, The Riviera of Italy. With a bit of traveling, it is easy to reach more beautiful beaches and historic villages to enjoy your stay.


Portofino is a small fisherman village which you’ll find southeast of Genoa. It is only one-hour driving or by train from the center of Genoa. Very easy reachable. Where Genoa is a beautiful city but a bit rough due to its maritime character, Portofino feels like a whole other world.

In this village, you’ll find the recognizable pastel-colored houses, which you’ll find everywhere along this part of the coast. It seems like the trademark of the Italian Riviera.

The bay of Portofino is marvelous, a calm sea, exceptional blue water and a 16th-century fortress on top of a cliff looking over the sea. It’s like you’re walking back in time.

Snorkeling is one of the best things to do in Portofino. The bay surrounding the coastline is a national park, so there’s a lot to see underwater. Make sure you’ll ask around for Christ of the Abyss a statue of christ a few meters underwater near the coast. It’s easy to spot while snorkeling!

Portofino is a great place to spend a few days wandering around the old village and relaxing at the beach and in the sea!

Cinque Terre

Many people think that Cinque Terre is a city in Italy. It is a region of several old fisherman villages al connected via a pathway and the sea. The National Park of Cinque Terre, where the villages belong to, is a Unesco World Heritage site.

The Cinque Terre region consists out of five villages; Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore. The region is very easy reachable by train and car from Genoa. However, it is not always the best place for swimming in the sea because the sea tends to be a bit rough. Don’t let that stop you. It is something you want to see when you’re in Italy!

We wrote an article about the things that make Cinque Terre so famous.

The city of Genoa and Riviera of Italy has a lot to offer. It may not be your typical beach holiday, but it’s certainly a great way to spend your time in Italy. Are you planning a trip to Genoa? Make sure to find out what else you can do in the capital of the Italian riviera

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Does Genoa have an airport? Genoa has an International Airport, Cristoforo Colombo International Airport. The airport code is GOA. Most flights from and to Genoa Airport are from the European continent. So it’s not possible to fly directly into Genoa from outside Europe. When you are flying from outside Europe and want to know how to reach and get around Italy, maybe you find our article about How do You Get Around Italy helpful.

What is Genoa most famous for? Genoa is most famous as the birthplace of the famous navigator and explorer;  Cristoforo Colombo. You can still visit the house where he lived during his youth in Genoa. Another thing where Genoa is famous for is Pesto alla Genovese Everyone knows the green pesto and its originated in Genoa.

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