Best Time to Visit The Netherlands

Planning a visit to The Netherlands is a great choice! Our small country has a lot to offer, and you can easily spend several days exploring. Choosing the best time to visit The Netherlands can be difficult. So, we’re to help you out.

The best time to visit The Netherlands is between April and August. During these months, the weather is more favorable, with longer days and warmer temperatures. The famous flower fields bloom in April. And the biggest and most traditional events in the Netherlands are in April & May. Kingsday is on April 28th and Liberation Day on May 5th.


To help you plan the best time to visit, we will explain the pros and cons of each month. We will tell you about the weather, what to pack, events, and other great things to do in The Netherlands each month. So keep reading!

Visiting The Netherlands Month-to-Month Guide

The Netherlands is a year-round destination. However, the best weather with the most sun and less rain will be between July and August. The country is known for its long summer days with varied weather: from warm summer days to rainy summer days. And mildly cold winters, with lots of ice-skating events. However, the winter periods are getting warmer each year.

We will rank every month with a star-rating, so you can find out quickly which months are the best to visit. When a month scores 5 stars, it is the best time to visit, and 1 star is a month that we’re not recommending to visit The Netherlands.

For this rating, we take into consideration the weather, and cultural events and activities. This month-to-month guide will tell you exactly the things you will need to know for a visit to The Netherlands in each month of the year.


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 3.0

The first month of the year is one of the coldest months in The Netherlands. Winter is at his peak, and the weather can be unpredictable. On average, the temperature will be 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) during the daytime. But freezing days is not uncommon. Almost every night, temperatures will reach the freezing point. January is also one of the wettest months in the country, with an average rainfall (or snow) of 69mm.

With short days, low temperatures, and lots of rain and snow, you might think January is not a favorable month to visit The Netherlands. Well, let’s think again. (Okay, when you just don’t like cold days, you might skip this part and jump a bit further in this month-to-month guide. You’re probably better of between April and August, considering the weather forecast.) 

Best things to do in January

January is not the best month for outdoor activities. However, one of the most traditional Dutch outdoor events is taking place on the 1st of January, we tell you about that in a bit.

During January its is not so busy with tourists in cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam, which makes them easier to get around. This month is a perfect month to learn more about Dutch culture and visit some of the world-famous musea.

Some interesting musea you can visit are:

Events in January

There aren’t as many events organized in January as you’ll find in the other months in The Netherlands. But when you’re lucky, you might attend one of the biggest traditions in the country, The New Years Dive. 

The New Years Dive is organized on the 1st of January. The official event is taking place at the beach of Scheveningen (The Hague). Thousands of people are gathering to dip in the (sometimes ice cold) north sea. It’s kind of a new year’s resolution to start the new year freshly. And also can be an excellent way to get rid of the new year’s hangover 😉 Anyway, it’s a fun event to attend! Sponsored by a Dutch food brand, Unox. Which provides every participant with a branded beanie and some traditional Dutch soup to warm up after the dive.

If you want to participate in this event, you need to buy a ticket, which only can be purchased on the day itself. There’s a limited amount of tickets available, so make sure you arrive on time, probably 2 hours before the event starts (between 10 – 11.30 a.m.). The dive is at 12.00 pm.

 You can find more information about the New Years Dive on the website of The Hague

Unox Nieuwjaarsduik 2018 | Aftermovie


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 3.0

The weather in February gets as cold as January during the first weeks. There’s less rainfall on average though, and you might find some days where the sun shines and temperatures getting warmer. The weather is unpredictable during February. It can be freezing one day and feels like an early spring day other days.

Best things to do in February

The list of events is not that large in February. However, February is the month where carnival celebrations take place worldwide. Traditional carnival celebrations are very popular in the Southern part of The Netherlands. We celebrate the carnival differently then you might think. It is not as the tropical carnival in Cape Verde or Brazil, but we do organize dress up in all sorts of costumes, have parades and drink for four days straight.

During the carnival, some cities in the south transform into a party city for a few days. They give themselves a different name, select a ‘prince of the carnival,’ and celebrate for a few days in a row with lots of beer and music. People that are attending the carnival are all dressing up in customes: animals, superheroes or famous celebrities. The carnival celebration is a combination between the German Oktoberfest and Halloween. 

When you’re into sports, you might find it interesting to visit one of the speedskating tournaments. Because The Netherlands is world-leading within the speedskating sport. And it’s doesn’t get any Dutcher then attending a speedskating game in the Thialf stadium, north of The Netherlands. Every year there are several national and international cups that you can attend. The official website of the Dutch speedskating society shows the latest calendar (website is unfortunately only available in Dutch).

Another great sports event to visit is ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, which is organized in Rotterdam between February 8 – February 16, 2020. Some of the best international tennis players attend every year. 


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 4.0

During March, the weather tends to get better. It is not the kind of weather that you can walk around in shorts and shirts, but it gets warmer and less rain than in the previous months. It can be unpredictable as well, and sometimes we even get some snowfall in March. Temperatures, on average, around 43 Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius) during the daytime, but there can be days with temperatures of 63 Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) or 30 Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius). You never know!

In the second half of March, you can feel that spring is coming, terraces open again, and people tend to be more and more outside. Starting from this period, there will be many more outdoor events that are taking place.

Best things to do in March

The biggest international event in March is the opening of Keukenhof. Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the world, with over 7 million flower bulbs that are planted every year. The garden only opens for 8 weeks a year. In 2020 you can visit Keukenhof between the 25th of March – 10th of May. The Netherlands is known for its thriving flower industry, and Keukenhof is one of the most popular attractions in the country. We wrote an extensive article about Keukenhof, which you might find interesting.

Regarding sports events, you have a few options to choose from. The half marathon City Pier City in The Hague is annually organized in March. An exciting route which includes Scheveningen Beach, and the historic city of The Hague.

Another fun thing to do is the Friday Night Skates in Amsterdam. They are organized every Friday night, starting in March. This event is weather-related, it might be canceled during rainfall or bad weather conditions.


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 5.0

Finally, winter is behind us. Daylight saving time has started. Every year at the end of March, the clock goes one hour forward. This way there will be more light in the evening. Also, temperatures rise, and there will be more sunny days. April is also the beginning of a new season with outdoor music festivals. Halfway in April, many beach bars opening their doors for the summer. You can feel summer is arriving in a few weeks. It is one of my favorite periods of the year when we’re in The Netherlands. Because at the end of April, we celebrate Kingsday, our biggest and most traditional national event.


Every year on the 27th of April, its Kingsday in The Netherlands. It’s a national holiday where we celebrate the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander. When you’re still deciding on when you go to The Netherlands, I would recommend planning your trip around these days. Make sure to attend Kingsday, because it’s so much fun! It is the time of the year where there’s a party going on every streetcorner in all villages and cities in the country. And everyone dresses up in orange (the National color).

The King and Royal family are always visiting two cities during Kingsday, celebrating this event with the citizens. Every year they choose different cities to attend which will be broadcasted on national television. Annual festivities are organized in almost every city, but the most significant festivals are in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and a big music festival in Breda.

The Hague is famous for celebrating the night before Kingsday with Kingsnight, which is a music festival in the city that takes place during the evening before Kingsday, on the 26th of April.

During Kingsday you’ll find a lot of free-markets. It is the only day of the year where it is allowed to sell your old stuff from the garage or attic, without paying taxes. It’s like one big garage sale. Very fun to walk around at some of these markets, you might find some beautiful traditional products!

#5 - How to survive Dutch 'Koningsdag'!

Best time to visit Tulip and Flower fields

The Netherlands is known for its thriving flower industry. We export two-thirds of all the flowers in the world. Most of them are Tulips, our National Flower/ Symbol.

The tulips and other flowers are growing in big flower fields in the western part of the country. Roughly between The Hague and the province of Flevoland. April is the annual blossom period of these flowers, and it is amazing to visit these fields and walk around a sea of flowers. A unique thing to see with many bright colors and pleasant perfumes. 

It is easy to combine a visit to the flower fields, with a visit to Keukenhof, which is also located in this area.

When you’re planning on visiting the flower fields, you might be interested in this article I wrote where I explain why The Netherlands is famous for its tulips.


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 5.0

This is a favorable month for a visit to The Netherlands. The weather is excellent, sometimes a bit chilly, but less rain and more sun hours. The average temperature is around 52 Fahrenheit (12 Celsius) during the day, which is cold, but it can feel much warmer when you’re sitting in the sun.

The month of May in 2020 is going to be an important month for The Netherlands. Several worldwide known international events are organized in the country. And on the 5th of May, we celebrate 75 years of freedom after World War II. 

Best events to visit in May

Liberation Day is the most important event that is organized on the 5th of May. Every year there several music festivals hosted in different cities to celebrate freedom. Originally to remember freedom after the second world war, something we never want to experience again as a country. But this event is also to celebrates the way we live, with our freedom of speech, multicultural society, and endless possibilities.

The evening before liberation day, on the 4th of May, it’s the remembrance of people who died fighting for freedom. We remember those who are fallen during the wars. Not only during World War II but also those who helped to free other countries during peacekeeping missions since World War II. The whole country will be silent on the evening of the 4th of May for 2 minutes, between 08:00 p.m. – 08:02 p.m.

It is impressive to attend the annual remembrance at the Dam in Amsterdam.

Next day celebrations during Liberation Day are fun music festivals, which will be great to attend. The official website of the liberation festival will have the latest information about next year’s event. 

The circus of Formula 1 is coming to The Netherlands in 2020. The circuit of Zandvoort will be the stage of the famous Grand Prix. The race will take place on the 3rd of May. It is a unique location, the circuit of Zandvoort is for a part located in the dunes next to the sea. More information about this event is available on the Formula 1 website.

Eurovision Song Contest is a worldwide known sing-off which The Netherlands won in 2019. Because of our victory, The Netherlands will host this event in 2020. The song contest is planned on the 16th of May in Ahoy Rotterdam. But other smaller events leading up to the big night and the semi-finals start two weeks before the 16th of May.

The first 10 days of May 2020 are also your last chance to visit Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden, which we mentioned earlier in this article.


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 5.0

The early summer is a great period to visit The Netherlands. Temperatures are often above 70 Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) during the daytime. Average temperatures during this month are 63 Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius), but that’s mainly because during the evenings, after sunset, it still can be a bit chilly.

During June, we get a lot of sun hours, and with favorable temperatures during the day, it is great to visit one of the beaches. Scheveningen Beach in The Hague is probably one of the most famous beaches in The Netherlands. It is also the place where you can find the most beach bars. Zandvoort is also a top-rated beach, which is closer to Amsterdam.

Best events to visit in June

June is one of the busiest months for annual (dance)events. Over 365 festivals are organized in The Netherlands every year, many of them take place outdoors between June and August.  

Pinkpop festival takes place in June. It is one of the biggest open-air festivals in Europe and celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020. Another famous pop festival which is annually organized on the last Sunday of June is ParkpopEurope’s biggest free access open-air festival. This pop festival, hosted in The Hague, is a bit younger then Pinkpop but celebrates its 40th edition in 2020.

Oerol Festival is one of the most significant cultural, music, and art festivals in Europe. They describe themselves as One of the most exceptional landscape art festivals in Europe. Every year this 10-day festival is organized at the island of Terschelling. The festival uses this unique island as its natural stages, often located in the dunes and at the beach. Make sure to visit the festival’s website to get more information.

Oerol 2019 - Aftermovie

Regarding sports events, there’s enough choice during June. The MotoGP, which is the biggest motor race competition, takes place in Assen. It is an annual event which traditionally is organized on the last weekend of June.

For football fans (the European way, so we mean soccer for those coming from the US ;)), June 2020 is an exciting month. The European Championship is played during this month. Because it is the 60th time the competition is held, it takes place all over the European continent, including The Netherlands.


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 5.0

Finally, summer is here! July is a great month to visit The Netherlands. You’ll have great weather on average, and because of daylight saving time, the days will be longer. Sunset is between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., and it stays light almost one hour after sunset. So, July is perfect when you love to be outdoors. You can combine cultural visits with a beach day or relax in one of the city parks.

The Netherlands has a coastline that’s over 400 kilometers long, which is perfect for visiting. Our recommended beach to visit is Scheveningen Beach in The Hague or Zandvoort and Bloemendaal, which is closer to Amsterdam. This month is also great to visit Texel, one of the islands in the northern part of the country.

Best events to visit in July

Many music festivals, indoor and outdoor, are annually organized during this month. It is the busiest festival month in the country, where you can visit a different festival, almost every day. Some of the internationally renowned cultural music festivals in July are the North Sea Jazz festival, Kwaku Summer festival, and Milkshake Festival.

North Sea Jazz originated in The Hague, but because of the popularity, it transferred a few years ago to Rotterdam. Every year it hosts many worldwide international artists.

The Kwaku Summer Festival in Amsterdam is an annual festival that celebrates the abolition of slavery. It is an excellent festival to attend, where you can also learn about the terrible history of slavery. Kwaku is a multicultural festival with great music, sports activities, and lovely food stands. 

The Netherlands is renowned for its acceptance of LGBT people. Most of us just feel like people are people. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you love, as long as you respect the other. Milkshake Festival is an annually organized festival in Amsterdam, which celebrates this freedom. It is not as big as the Gay Pride, which takes place in August.

Sport events in July

Annual sports events in July are the opening of the new soccer season with a match for the Johan Cruyff Cup. During this match, the winner of the national competition plays against the winner of the domestic cup. When one team won both cups, the runner up of the domestic cup will play for the Johan Cruyff Cup. 

An internationally renowned festival in July is The Four Days March in Nijmegen. This event celebrates its 104th edition in 2020! Many walkers from all over the world come to Nijmegen to participate in this event. Four consecutive days of walking, in total 50 kilometers per day. There are also shorter distances for older and younger people, depending on the year you’re born in. Over the years, the walk of the world is grown to the largest walking festival worldwide, with over more than 40.000 participants. The event is so popular that tickets are assigned by a draw for people who had registered.

The Four Days March is unique to attend, even if you’re not a walker. There are many festivities and parties organized around the festival.      


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 5.0

The second month of the yearly summer, where almost everyone in The Netherlands enjoys their summer holiday. August is one of the busiest months of the year, considering tourism. The Netherlands receives millions of tourists from overseas, but also a lot of Dutch people enjoy their holidays in their own country. Nonetheless, August is a great month to visit The Netherlands. The weather is pleasant, there’s much to do, you can enjoy the country in the fullest.

Best events to visit in August

When you love Electronic Dance Music (EDM), August is the best month to visit The Netherlands. The list of different festivals taking place this month is endless. Most of them in the category EDM, which contains different styles of dance music. But you’ll also find various festivals with a more varied line-up.

A few of the renowned international festivals taking place in August are; 


It is the longest-running dance festival in the world, first organized in The Netherlands more than 20 years ago. Mysteryland is one of the most popular dance festivals, annually it is held in August for three days in a row, performing more than 300 artists spread in 17 stages.


The official name of the festival is A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradiseand this festival truly is a paradise. Every year in August, they built something that feels like a small city in a nature park in the middle of the country. With a wide variety of music styles, theatre, film, literature, and stand up comedy, they’re creating, according to their website, the most adventurous cultural, outdoor event of The Netherlands. 

Annually the festival hosts more than 60.000 visitors, around 250 acts and twelve stages. Camping with hot showers and clean toilets. A large market where you can pay with the special Lowlands currency, and where you’ll find many restaurants, a barbershop, sports facilities, spa facilities, and much more. It truly becomes a paradise.

You can find more information about the festival on their website. When you want to visit the festival, make sure to buy tickets in advance, every edition sells out soon.

Lowlands 2018 - Official aftermovie

Pride Amsterdam is probably one of the world’s largest festival, celebrating and creating awareness around the acceptance of the LGBT community, and everyone related to that. Pride Amsterdam is an annual event that’s taking place at the end of July until the first week of August. There are several festivities organized in the city throughout this week. But the two most important are Pride Walk and Canal Parade. 

The Canal Parade is probably the most famous one, where everyone watches the parade of boats floating through the Amsterdam canals. These boats are colorfully decorated and are represented by different organizations worldwide. Everyone on the boats and along the canals celebrates the acceptance of the LGBT community.

It’s not an LGBT only festival but a festival for everyone that supports the community and wants to have a great party. Many Dutch people from everywhere around the country travel to Amsterdam to attend the Pride festival. And a lot of locals hire smaller boats to float through the canals and witness the parade from up close. The festival receives supporters and visitors from everywhere around the world. If you want to attend the festival, which is free of charge, the easiest way is to find a spot along the route of the canal parade and enjoy the different boats passing by.



Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 4.0

The end of summer is near, but September can be still enjoyable weather-wise in The Netherlands. September is a relatively quiet month regarding events, but there are still quite a few that are interesting to visit. You’ll notice that the weather changes during September. On average, the start of the month is still warm and sunny, but when it gets closer to October, the chances of rain and colder days increase. It makes September a perfect month to explore one of the many museums and cultural sites.

Best events to visit in September

There aren’t as many events as during the previous months, but still a few interesting (sport)events you can attend. KLM Open is an annual Golf event where the world’s best golfers attend every year. Dam tot Dam loop is a popular running event which has a course from Zaandam to Amsterdam, they have thousands of participants every year. 

When you’re visiting The Netherlands and be in Amsterdam around the 7th of September, you might run into an event called Amsterdam City Swim. During this annual event, which is organized since 2012, people gather and swim 2000 meters through the Amsterdam canals. They raise money for research and awareness to fight ALS disease (Also known as Motor Neuron Disease). Amsterdam City Swim is very popular, and they raise around 1 million Euro a year for the Dutch ALS Foundation, which is used for research.

September is also the month where our cabinet presents its plans for the following year. Every 3rd Tuesday in September is Prinsjesdag in The Netherlands. It is an important day for the country. With a ceremonial parade of the King and Queen through the city of The Hague. The King will address the people with a speech on behalf of the government. He explains the challenges for our country in the following year.       

Museums and Cultural sites

September is great for visiting museums and cultural sites. Of course, you can visit these sites year-round. However, because there aren’t many cultural festivals to attend, you’ll have more time to visit other cultural sites.

Earlier in this article, we told you about a few museums that are interesting to visit in The Netherlands, you can find these recommendations at the beginning of this article. Some of the most famous museums are Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House, both located in Amsterdam.

Some interesting cultural sites to visit in The Netherlands are Binnenhof, located in The Hague, where are government resides. When you’re visiting this during Prinsjesdag, it is not possible to walk around the Binnenhof for safety reasons. The other days it is opened for the public. 

Kinderdijk, a Unesco World Heritage site, is a small village near Rotterdam, which is known for its 18th-century windmills. Kinderdijk tells the story of the Dutch struggle against water. It is interesting to see how these windmills contribute to dry and safe land.


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 3.5

During autumn, the weather in The Netherlands is very unpredictable. When you look at the average charts, temperatures are still pleasant, around 54 Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius), but it gives a distorted image. It is more likely you’ll find many rainy days with temperatures below 50 Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) during the day. And every October there are also a few days when the summer returns for a bit. Sunny days with temperatures between 66 – 72 Fahrenheit (18 and 22 degrees celsius).

Daylight Saving Time comes to an end in October. Which means the clock goes one hour forward, the exact date varies every year, but it’s always on the last Sunday of October.

Best events to visit in October

You might think with such unpredictable weather, there aren’t many events taking place during this period. However, October is, like many other months, a busy month for sport- and music events.

The most exciting sports event that is taking place in October is Amsterdam Marathon, a competition that attracts the best international marathon runners of the world. The Amsterdam Marathon starts and finishes in the Olympic Stadium.

World’s biggest indoor Electronic Music Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), is taking place in October. This festival attracts more than 400.000 visitors every year and hosts 500 events for a week. The festival is organized all over Amsterdam. It is also one of the most essential music conferences in the world where industry leaders gather to discuss the development of the Electronic Dance Music scene.


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 3.0

You might think November is not the best month to visit The Netherlands. Winter is known as the coldest and wettest season in the country, but luckily there’s still much to do. Depending on your reasons to visit, you can still have a great time in November.

November is one of the wettest months of the year, and on average, temperatures are below 50 Fahrenheit (10 degrees celsius), often even lower. During the night there’s a good chance of freezing temperatures, around 30 Fahrenheit (-1 Celsius).

With the unpredictable weather this month, November is great for visiting one of the cultural museums.

Best events to visit in November

November is a quiet month regarding events, but there’s still something to choose from. There aren’t as many outdoor events as during the summer season. During this month International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is taking place. This festival is renowned for showing a wide variety of cultural and social provocative documentaries.

TEDxAmsterdam an independently organized event under the license of TED, the worldwide renowned talks with ideas worth spreading. TEDxAmsterdam is annually held in November.

The best outdoor event in November is something completely different. In The Netherlands, we celebrate Sinterklaas. It is a traditional event best comparable with the celebration of Santa Clause. Only Sinterklaas is not celebrated during Christmas, but earlier in December (on the 5th of December). The story is that Sinterklaas is a holy man living in Spain that comes to The Netherlands every year to give presents to the children who showed good behavior over the past year.

In November we celebrate the arrival of Sinterklaas in the country, every year he arrives in another city, and that comes with a big celebration. Even a Livestream on national television.

Sinterklaas is a typical Dutch tradition, that’s celebrated for decades. But the event received a lot of controversy from the Dutch citizens and international opinion, over the last few years. Within the country, there’s a heated discussion going on about the appearance of Pete, the helpers of Sinterklaas. Also known as Black Pete.

The story is that Peter got his black appearance because he’s blackened by the soot of the chimney. Because he goes through the chimney to deliver gifts to all the children. However, it’s a bit of a shaky story and the way Pete’s look refers much to the times of slavery. And so public opinion changed the appearance of Pete. But due to the ongoing discussion of fanatical supporters and opponents the appearance changes every year and is different per region in the Netherlands.


Made For Travellers star-rating best time to Visit The Netherlands: 3.0

The most wonderful time of the year. Winter celebrations in December are great while visiting Amsterdam. Weather is getting colder this month, and there’s maybe a chance that you can go ice skating on one of the lakes. And if that’s not possible, there are always the different ice skate courts in almost every city where you can go to. Ice*Amsterdam, located at Museumplein (the square next to Rijksmuseum), is probably the most famous ice-skating court.

Christmas celebration is popular in The Netherlands, but as in many countries, it is more a gathering of families and friends. However, it is beautiful to walk around different cities and see how they’re decorated during the Christmas period. But Christmas Time doesn’t start early in October like in most countries. We focus and celebrate Christmas time after Sinterklaas has left the country on the 6th of December.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve is also a great thing to do when you’re in The Netherlands during this night. In The Netherlands, it is allowed to buy and lightning fireworks for new years celebration. A very popular tradition during New Years, not without risk, though. However, many cities are developing firework free zones and organizing significant events with large firework shows. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are all hosting firework shows during new years eve.

What to Pack for The Netherlands

With so much unpredictable weather in a country. It is hard to decide what to pack for your trip to The Netherlands. We always like to travel as light as possible, but when we’re visiting countries in the Western or Northern part of Europe, we always bring some warm clothes.

We made a packing list of the most essential things we recommend to bring for a visit to The Netherlands.

Recommended clothes

  • A few sweaters
  • Long trousers and shorts
  • A jacket (during wintertime: a warm winter jacket)
  • A raincoat
  • Shoes & flipflops
  • Swimwear

Recommended Gear

Over the years, we tested a lot of stuff. Check out our full list of recommendations for packing gear and camera’s on the recommendations page.

 Our best-recommended products are:

  • Camera:
    GoPro Hero 7 (Check the latest price on Amazon) – Easy to use, waterproof, and excellent quality.
  • Backpack: 
    North Face Duffel Bag (Check the latest price on Amazon) – has a lot of space, and you can use it as a duffel bag or backpack.
  • Packing Cubes: 
    Eagle Creek packing cubes (Check the latest price on Amazon) – to organize your clothes in your backpack

How to Get Around

The Netherlands is a small country, and it’s easy to get around. The big cities are perfectly connected with public transport, which would be our recommended way of transportation while visiting the cities.

When using public transport in The Netherlands, you are obliged to use a public transport card, called OV-chipkaart. You can buy this card at one of the many public transport stations or tourist information shops. When purchasing an OV-Chipkaart, you choose to buy a disposable or anonymous card. There is no special tourist card available. Check out the official website of the OV-Chipkaart for the latest information.

When you’re traveling around the country, it is recommended to rent a car. Driving around The Netherlands is easy and safe. However, during rush hour, it can be jam-packed around the cities. When we rent a car during our travel, we always use, which is a reliable and cheap company.

Planning some essential parts of your next trip is important. It can be challenging to find the best and most reliable booking recourses. That’s why we wrote this recommendation guide to help you make the best choices.

Best Places to Stay in The Netherlands

Finding the perfect place to stay can be overwhelming. As you can read in our recommendations guide, we always use or Airbnb to find accommodation.

And to help you out, we selected a few places in the biggest cities which we can recommend. However, we didn’t stay at these hotels or apartments ourselves. Our home is still located in The Netherlands, so we don’t use other accommodations when in the country. We selected places on that we know other travelers like and get a customer review rating of 9.0 or higher.

Best places to stay in Amsterdam

Heritage Canal House Suites is a Bed and Breakfast located in the old center of Amsterdam. Perfect for a short stay. 

It’s within walking distance from Anne Franks House, Rijksmuseum, and many other cultural sites. The accommodation gets a customer review of 9+ on

Apartments De Hallen renovated self-catering apartments in the Old-west area of Amsterdam. Minimum stay is 7 nights, a perfect place when you want to travel around the country, and also have a central location where you can return to. 
Located in the heart of the city center, close to Leidseplein, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Franks House, Vondelpark, and many more. The accommodation gets a customer review of 9+ on

Best places to stay in The Hague

B&B Valkenbos is located 10 minutes from The Hague city centers and around 15 minutes from Scheveningen Beach. The location is perfect. We can recommend this neighborhood as we lived in this area for several years. Their customer review rating on is 9+

Hotel Des Indes The Hague is one of the oldest and most traditional hotels in The Hague. It was built in 1858 as a city palace, since 1881 it has the function of a hotel. It is completely renovated in 2006. This 5-star hotel is located in the city center of The Hague on Lange Voorhout, one of the most beautiful streets of the country. Close to all the city highlights. Their customer review on is 9+

Best Places to Stay in Rotterdam

Supernova Hotel is located in the center of Rotterdam. A modern hotel, everything you need for a short stay. They get a 9+ rating on

Wikkelboats a house on the water. A Wikkelhouse is a Dutch concept, a tiny house made from cardboard. It’s a unique experience. They offer modern tiny houses with spa facilities. Their customer review rating on is 9+

Best Places to Stay in Utrecht

Hotel Beijers is a classic hotel in the center of Utrecht. They score a 9+ customer review on Perfect location, close to all the city highlights.

Loft 188 Stylish & Luxury apartment hotel beautiful renovated accommodation. Located in the heart of Utrecht’s city center. Great if you want to stay a few days in the city. Their customer review rating is a 9.7, one of the highest ratings for the city you’ll find at

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