Made For Travellers is more than just a travel blog. Made For Travellers is about a lifestyle of freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. Made For Travellers is best known for its in-depth articles about Rooftop Tent Traveling, Caravan Lifestyle, and cultural destinations worldwide.

We also share our stories of escaping “the corporate rat race” and following the path to living a life with an abundance of freedom, love, and happiness.

Our Story

We started with Made For Travellers in 2018, during our first year of full-time traveling around the world. Before we began with Made For Travellers, we decided to change our lives completely. 

We are both Dutch, born and raised in The Netherlands, and fell in love in 2015. We met while working in an office job and living a life we didn’t want. One of the first things we told each other was that we wanted to travel the world together. We wanted to live as independently as possible, without being forced into a ‘9-5 office life, and live our dreams. 

So, in the fall of 2017, we decided to sell our house, quit our jobs, and start our new lives, living and working independently everywhere in the world. People now refer to us as Digital Nomads, but at the time we started, we didn’t have a clue what we wanted to do to make a living.

Cultures worldwide, wild animals, nature, and spirituality have always had our interests. We both knew that we wanted to do something related to this. 

Combining these interests resulted in the website Made For Travellers. You’ll find different categories on this website that are related to traveling, cultures, and spirituality. 

Places We’ve Seen

Before we met in 2015, we individually traveled around the world for many years. Kirsten even worked as a tour guide in Kenya, Europe, and the USA and lived in South Africa for almost a year. Léon traveled around South East Asia, exploring countries like Thailand and Laos. He followed several meditation retreats and learned more about Buddhism and meditation. 

Cape Verde

Together we started with short trips to Thailand and South Africa. At the start of our first year of full-time traveling in 2018, we began with a ten-week roundtrip to the Cape Verdean Islands. A beautiful destination where we learned more about the melting pot of cultures, celebrated tropical carnival and explored beautiful nature. We shared our experiences in several articles, which you can find here. 

Some of the most popular articles about Cape Verde are; 

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Other destinations we visited in 2018 were Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Tonga, and New Zealand.

During that time, we filmed several documentaries and travel videos, which you can find on our travel show page

Rooftop Tent Traveling

Our first experience with Rooftop Tent traveling was during our trip to Australia. We made a road trip between Brisbane and Sydney and slept in a rooftop tent on top of our rented car. It was an amazing experience, and we felt like we wanted to travel with a rooftop tent much more often. We were so enthusiastic that we immediately started looking to buy a rooftop tent when we returned to The Netherlands. 

So, when we arrived back in The Netherlands in 2019, we wanted to travel around with our car, a small Toyota Yaris, and we decided to put a rooftop tent on top and start exploring! 

Traveling around with a rooftop tent is a great way to explore the different cultures in Europe. We’ve explored countries like Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain, and many more. When we were in Spain, we took the ferry to Morrocco and drove to the Sahara Desert in a Toyota Yaris! 

We returned to The Netherlands in December 2019 to spend the holidays with our family. Kirsten was pregnant at that time. We still had to plan to travel again from February to May 2020, but then the pandemic hit, and we needed to stay in The Netherlands. 

For us, it was actually a time when we could catch up with friends and family and prepare for our new adventure as parents. 

Our son was born in the summer of 2020, which is the best thing that happened to us ever. He is such a happy and lovely boy who loves connecting with everyone we meet worldwide. 

We call The Netherlands our ‘home’ when we’re not traveling. We live with Kirsten’s parents when not traveling.

Caravan Lifestyle 

We picked up traveling again in 2021. But because we wanted to have more space and live outdoors, we decided to buy a touring caravan. 

We are still traveling and plan to keep living this lifestyle. However, currently, we are not changing destinations every month. We just like to take it slow because it’s more relaxed with our young son. Also, it helps us learn more about the cultures at the different destinations. 

Currently, we live in our caravan during spring and summer in The Netherlands. We love being outdoors and connecting with others on the campsite. It feels like living in a community. 

We spent our winters in South Portugal. Being outdoors is great, but we just love to be in sunny weather as well! 

We have a new rooftop tent for a few months that is big enough for all of us. So when we are not in our caravan or at Kirsten’s parents, we make trips with our rooftop tent. This way, we can explore more beautiful places and combine the best ways of traveling! 

Enjoy reading our articles and your path to an independent lifestyle full of happiness and doing the things you love. 

With love, 

Léon and Kirsten